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Stylish Coffee Tables For Your Perfect Living Space
Create an Ergonomic Workspace
Define spaces with rugs
Sofas are not always a must
Updating your living room
Mix & Match: Dining Chairs
Bring a little of nature to your home
Tips on furniture colors
Tips on selecting rugs
Measure the Furniture and Space
Easy Way to Maximise Durability of Furniture
Environment That Encourages Interaction
Avoid the Sides for a Change
Tips on selecting coffee tables that are kid-friendly
Pet-friendly Home Design - Selecting Fabric
Space Saving Tips For Furniture
Pet-friendly Home Design - Durable & Safe Furniture
Attracting Attention To The Focal Point
Pet-friendly Home Design - Color of Furniture
Tips on having an illusion of larger space
Tips on the use of a lounge chair
Furniture for families with young babies
Tips on Creating the Mismatched Chairs Arrangement Ideas For Your Dining Table
Tips on Creating the Industrial Theme Look
Tips on Selecting the Right High Stool for Your Bar Table
Tips on Tempered Glass
Tips on Mixing and Matching Cushions Designs for Your Boring Sofa
Buy a sofa according to your family's needs
Rounded Corner Tables that makes adults and kids happy
Mix & Match: Have 1 Common Element
Placing a Living Plant on Timber
 Right Way Caring For Vinyl / PVC / PU / Synthetic Leather
The Right Way To Care For Genuine Leather
Cleaning Glass
Caring for Timbers
Preventing Marks On Polypropylene (PP)
The Right Way To Care For Fabric
Cleaning Table Tops
The Right Way To Maintain Your Metals
Placing Products Near Sunlight
Benefits of Coasters
How To Care for Burlap
Mix & Match:  Try mixing old with new.
Explore with Colors
Have a budget
Solutions for leftover paints
Beautiful fabrics that’s affordable
Choosing an office chair
Keep your metal furniture looking like brand new
Tips on protecting your fabric furniture from spills & stains


110 Eunos Ave 7, Comfort Design Building Singapore 409573
Showroom at Levels 1, M & 2
Opening hours Mon to Sat: 9am - 6pm | Sun & PH: 10am - 6pm

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